Ramgopal Varma ‘Na Ishtam Book’ Review

Ramgopal Varma ‘Na Ishtam Book’ Review

Title: Naa Ishtam
Written By: Ram Gopal Varma
Publishers: Emesco
Price: Ind. Rs 175
Available At: All Book Stores in AP
Book Released On: 1st Dec 2010 Once, a teacher in a class was teaching a lesson and he said “gambling is not righteous..in Mahabharata, Dharmaraju lost everything in gambling…including his kingdom and wife”.

Suddenly, a boy from the back bench shouted “……but Duryodhana got benefited with same gambling”.

That’s it, the teacher stopped his lesson and went home.

Till such time, he used to believe in what he heard from childhood but at that point, the teacher had to believe in another perspective.



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